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Reviewing edit history

  1. Reviewing changes within a profile: Changes to attributes within a profile can be reviewed by clicking ‘show history’ at the bottom of each attribute.
  2. To revert to a previous version, click 'revert' beside the relevant version.
  3. Reviewing editing history at the profile level: From the Edit Profile page, select the Options menu, then the 'Show revision history' item.
  4. A new dialogue box will open, showing a list of changes to the profile, including the time, date and person who made the changes.
  5. Click the 'compare with previous version' will open a new dialogue box that outlines the type of changes made.
  6. Reviewing editing history at the collection level: In the collection, click on the 'Reports' tab, and select the 'recent updates' report.
  7. This report provides a list of changes made within set timeframes, including the profile title (taxon name), date modified and the Editor who made the changes. A link to the relevant profile is provide in the profile title within this report.
  8. Reports: other reports provide information about archived profiles, profiles that are currently in 'draft' mode, and mismatched names.