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Restrict results to those from a specified area. Areas must be polygons and be specified as either an sf object, or a 'well-known text' (wkt) string.





a single wkt string or sf object


length-1 object of class character and atlas_locations, containing a WKT string representing the area provided.


WKT strings longer than 10000 characters will not be accepted by the ALA- so the sf object or WKT string may need to be simplified.


Search for records using a shapefile

galah_config(email = "")

location <- galah_geolocate(st_read(path/to/shapefile))
atlas_occurrences(geolocate = location)

Search for records using a Well-known Text geometry (WKT)

wkt <- "POLYGON((142.36228 -29.00703,142.74131 -29.00703,142.74131 -29.39064,142.36228 -29.39064,142.36228 -29.00703))"

atlas_counts(geolocate = galah_geolocate(wkt))
#> # A tibble: 1 x 1
#>   count
#>   <int>
#> 1  3300

See also

search_taxa(), galah_filter() and galah_select() for other ways to restrict the information returned by atlas_occurrences() and related functions.